The AI4CODE project brings together 5 french research labs with strong expertise in the design, decoding and standardization of forward-error-correction (FEC) codes.

Lab-STICC UMR 6285 / IMT Atlantique has long-standing expertise in FEC with an emphasis on sparse-graph codes, iterative decoders, and their implementation. In particular IMT Atlantique, as the birthplace of Turbo Codes (but called ENST Bretagne at that time), is a world-wide recognized leader in Turbo code design and has actively contributed to their adoption in many communication standards.

Principal investigators for Lab-STICC / IMT Atlantique: Raphaël Le Bidan (project leader), Charbel Abdel Nour, Elsa Dupraz, Mathieu Léonardon, Catherine Douillard

Lab-STICC UMR 6285 / Université de Bretagne Sud (UBS) has recognized experience in the design and decoding of error control codes, both from the algorithm and hardware architecture point of view. Recently, Lab-STICC has also developed a strong interest in non-binary codes and low-rate modulation for short-packet communication

Principal investigator for Lab-STICC / UBS: Emmanuel Boutillon

CEA Leti has wide research experience in the design of codes on graphs and message- passing decoders, with a particular focus and interest in LDPC and Polar codes, whether binary or non- binary.

Principal investigators: Valentin Savin, Valerian Mannoni

IMS UMR 5218 / Bordeaux INP is concerned with Algorithm-Architecture-Matching for FEC software and hardware decoders in digital communication systems. IMS has investigated high-speed simulation of Polar Code with x86 & GPU architectures, and supports the AFF3CT open-source software toolbox which provides a high-performance simulation environment to evaluate FEC coding schemes.

Principal investigators: Christophe Jégo, Camille Leroux, Romain Tajan

ETIS UMR 8051 / Cergy Paris Université (CYU) has a strong background in the design and decoding of sparse-graph codes, both binary and non-binary, and their application to emerging networking and edge computing problems.

Principal investigators: Iryna Andriyanova, Inbar Fijalkow

IRIT UMR 5505 / Toulouse INP-ENSEEIHT has a research expertise in signal processing for digital communications, iterative receiver design, and channel coding at large, with key strengths in LDPC code design as well as in Polar code design and decoding.

Principal investigator: Charly Poulliat